Brad Majors


Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM


Brad Majors is your afternoon host on SuperHits 95.9. He grew up in the Midwest, but has made his way to the east coast (or the south, depending on your perspective) gradually… By way of Illinois, Indiana, West (by God) Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. One advantage to living in so many places is that he is known in at least 7 states for his karaoke rendition of “The Humpty Dance.” Brad’s been in Fredericksburg since 2014 and has made the area is home. You’ll frequently see him walking downtown with his wife Katie and beagle Rocky, or at the stadium cheering on the FredNats. Brad is an avid baseball fan and collected baseball cards and memorabilia since the late 80s. He is also an unashamed music nerd, and prefers vinyl over digital. Connect with Brad at